Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bloody Mary in a boat

For Father's Day this year we took my dad to one of his favorite places, Oceanside harbor, and rented an electric boat for a few hours.  I suppose its the least I could do since I won't be here to celebrate his birthday...
Yay to being a tourist in your own town. I even had a few Bloody Mary's before heading out.  
As it turns out Bloody Mary can't drive a bloody boat.  I don't know why anyone agreed to me being the captain, being that I have never commandeered a boat.  I mean, I did volunteer to do it and quickly jumped into the captains seat, but I wasn't asked to prove anything ability or credential-wise.  
I hope someone would stop me if I sat in the captain's seat of a plane, especially after drinking... but only time with tell.  

My dad had a fabulous time, as did everyone else.  We told cheesy Jungle Boat ride jokes, and ate Nothing Bundt Cake cupcakes... my dad loved it so much he wants to go back when I get home from my trip.  
I suppose we can do it for a belated birthday present... 
dang it.  I thought I was off the hook.

Look at all of these people I could have been mowing over if I was in charge.  
SUPing at the harbor is risky business.  

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  1. Steve's Dad would have loved celebrating Father's Day this way. I'm happy to see that you did. We have such fond memories of that harbor and being by the boats. Thank you for reminding us all of our own memories there.

    You're a wonderful daughter and really know how to party!!!


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