Monday, June 16, 2014

Temecula wine tasting

As Raya's visitation date approached Jennifer, Marla, and Raya began collecting wine tasting Groupons.  We spent one afternoon at Frangipani's and another at Longshadow.  Both of them have their perks.  What they both have in common is delicious wine and gorgeous locations.    

Frangipani (affectionately known as fancypanties) has boccee ball and a beneficial device called a wine thief. 

Longshadow has port in a chocolate boot and baby alpacas!  

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  1. Okay, I love this capture of all things to love about Wine Country. I will use this 'guide' the next time I hit the vineyards.

    The Alpaca is so lovable. You are so lucky to be able to cuddle him.

    AND well done on the bocci juggling. You're a nut. A sweet nut, but a nut.


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