Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mostly France- Four Week Itinerary

For the first time in I don't know how long I will not be going to Latin America over summer vacation.  I am going to Europe.  I am not intimidated by Zika.  I am not influenced by the countless people with think, with their noses high in the air, that European travel is somehow better than developing nation travel.  I am trying to learn French, and I get to meet my friend Kimmie's baby.
It is strange in its normalcy, but I am looking forward to it.  I am not planned out to the day, but my flights, trains, and lodging (almost entirely Airbnb) are booked.  I leave tomorrow with my bag, my parlor banjo, and my camera by my side.  I can't wait to show off my terrible French language skills to the French.  They will probably question the entire US's educational system (I did get an A in the class...).  My French teacher told me after my oral final that I shouldn't mess up when speaking French, because the French won't like it, and that I should try to speak more fluently, with less hesitation.  So with this advice (after one semester of French) I leave for France.

June 24: flight leaves from LAX to Rome
June 25: arrival in Rome + flight to Lyon, France
June 26-28: museums, sightsee, churches
June 29: train to Geneva, Switzerland (apéro du terroir)
June 30: train to Zermatt (hike)
July 1-3: Kimmie/Lea, sightsee, Gruyères
July 4: Kimmie drives me to Chamonix
July 5: hike the Alps 
July 6: hike the Alps, train to Geneva 
July 7: train to Beaune, France.  Bike to Pommard (sightsee)
July 8: Pommard (wine, bike, sightsee) 
July 9-10: Beaune (sightsee, villages, wine, bike, museums) 
July 11: Fontenay (Abbey)
July 12: train to Carcassonne 
July 13: Tour de France 
July 14: July 14th (fireworks)
July 15: train to Sarlat la Canéda (sightsee)
July 16: farmers market in Sarlat.  Train to Bordeaux (sightsee)
July 17: bike St. Emilion (wine)
July 18: bike Médoc (wine)
July 19: train to Toulouse (sightsee) 
July 20: flight to Rome (sightsee)
July 21: train to Frascati (wine)
July 22: flight from Rome to LAX


  1. Go knock'm dead Brady. We Look Forward To your wonderful blog updates and look forward to verbal photo sharing over wine, beer and good food upon your return. Stay safe, but have FUN!

  2. One word:
    noun: envy; plural noun: envies

    a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.
    "she felt a twinge of envy for Brady's trip"
    synonyms: jealousy, covetousness

    This will be amazing. I am eager to follow you via your blog. bon Voyage et bonne chance!


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