Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mon voyage. Jour numéro quatre. Lyon.

UEFA is l'Union européenne des associations de football ('euro' afterwards seems a little redundant but who am I to judge). 

The flower tree was created for an art festival in 2003 by Korean pop artist Choi Jeong Hwa but has been a permanent sculpture near Bellecour since 2007.

It is interesting what would, or in this case wouldn't be, acceptable advertising in the United States.  

Lyon is the second largest city in France but the sightseeing areas are fairly close.  Even though I have been doing some backtracking there are plenty different sights to see.
I spent more time in Presqu'ile.  This area was recommended by my hosts because it is where the old lyonnaises live.  The railings on the terraces, with their extra detail, are evidence of old Lyon.

St. Jean Cathedral in Vieux Lyon took almost 200 years to construct.

Inside is an astronomical clock built in 1383 that can accurately account for holidays for three more years.

The longest traboule in Lyon was closed the other day but I decided to return.  Traboules such as these prevented the Nazis from completely occupying Lyon as they allowed the Resistance fighters a way to sneak around virtually unnoticed.

I knew I would be back.  
Today I got mandarin and stracciatella.  
It was epic.

Cimetière de Loyasse was established in 1807, and is designated for the wealthier Lyon residents, which is why it is full of doctors, painters, and adventurers.  

The remains of the Roman aqueduct in Lyon is the largest outside of Rome; this fragment is part of an aqueduct that spans 75 km.

At the request of my hosts I spend a little time in Brotteaux.  I was told this neighborhood is "very French" and that if I sit here for lunch I will see.  Although I missed lunch I figured sitting for a drink was just as good.  I cannot even tell you how many people went by with baguettes under their arms.

I was invited to dinner at my hosts' house, Sylvie and Jean Luc.  They are just too nice.  We had a delicious, multi-veggie-dish meal, including cut melon for dessert.  Sitting on the terrace for dinner felt "very French," and no one even had to tell me. 

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