Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mon voyage. Jour numéro cinq. Lyon et Genève.

My morning started like the other mornings, with breakfast supplied by my hosts- bread, coffee, yogurt with fruit and granola, and fresh squeezed juice.  Today there was a special treat, brioche with praline (which is specific to the region of Lyon).  Sylvie was here this morning and when I asked for a mug she asked my why I needed it.  I said for the coffee.  She said that is what the bowl is for, and then asked me inquisitively what I had been doing with the bowl, which I never used.  Every morning I just went into the kitchen and got a mug.  

Apparently coffee in a bowl is "very French" and I still do need help identifying what is "very French."  A bowl is for breakfast but for other times of the day a mug is used.  

I was told the name of the delicious jam I had been eating, confiture de cynorrhodon, wild rose hip jam.  It is incredible; sweet and syrupy.  

Before my train left this morning I went to Voisin.  Although it looks haute couture it is a Lyonaisse chocolate shop, established in 1837.  I had to go to this shop for chocolate because although it is sold at the train station it is much sweeter there (and I wanted the good stuff).

Paroisse Catholique Saint Joseph des Brotteaux is right in front of Sylvie and Jean Lucs apartment.

After the two hour train, Kimmie met me at the station and we walked to one of the few beaches in Geneva, Paquis, for a picnic.  

Kimmie's friend, Bec, whom I will be staying with, met us during her lunch break.
The Jet d'Eau, behind us, is one of the city's most famous landmarks.  500 liters of water per second are propelled 140 meters into the air.  When it was originally installed in 1886 had a maximum height of 30 meters but over the years it has been improved.  Even though we were on the other side of the lake you could feel the spray from the Jet d'Eau.  

Paquis is a great place for people watching.  
I may not know what is "very French" but I think I can tell who the regulars are... 

Lac Léman (which some inappropriately call Lake Geneva) is 580 x 70 square km with a maximum depth of 310 m.  Just like Geneva it is surrounded by the French border.  The water is crystal clear, and cold (18 °C).  The main water source for Lac Léman is the Rhône (which goes through the center of Lyon).

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  1. What a crack up that gentleman is at the beach. I guess if you're comfortable in your own skin, like he appears to be, then you're a happier person. All the power to him and his g-string!

    I am loving all the Frenchness. Don't you just love French breakfasts? I did not know about the bowl, however. Thanks for the lesson. What fun you are having.


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