Thursday, October 27, 2016

And a One (Nashville)

Eric is celebrating his 40th birthday this weekend; what better way to spend the weekend than a surprise trip to Nashville, Tennessee!?  
We arrived to our Airbnb around 4:30pm, just in time for dinner and a show at the Ryman.

On our way to the airport we were gaining some inspiration by listening to the bluegrass channel, which happened to be aired in Nashville.  They mentioned that the Tennessee and Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game tonight may add to traffic tonight, and it did on all accounts.  When we walked into Puckett's Grocery Restaurant (at 6pm) there was a 30-40 minute wait, so we decided to order our food to go.  

We didn't get the ambiance, but we got the (fried) food.

Fried catfish.

Spicy fried chicken.

After a glamorous dinner under the stars we walked down the street to the Ryman ampitheater.  The Ryman is part of the Grand Ole Opry.  Started in 1925, the Opry holds the record for the longest running radio program (!)

Not only were the acts great (Larry Gatlin, Wade Hayes, Scotty McCreery, Carly Pearce and Pam Tillis) but we were non verbally told when to clap, and we listened to live commercials.  It was quite the experience.  There may not be a better way to experience a first three hours in Nashville.

Session musicians are so talented, and allow for the acts to quickly change without breaking down and setting up equipment.  

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  1. You truly are the best in seeking out the "fun". What a great surprise and kick off event for a weekend in Nashville.

    I love your airbnb too. What a totally unforgettable birthday. I hope Eric was righfully impressed. Fun stuff.


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