Monday, August 15, 2016

Eleven Glacier

After packing up we hit the road.  It is our last day in Montana... no more beautiful hikes!  Sob. 
 Raya and Josh, who know the area well, took us to a place that they discovered, Polebridge, Montana.

Polebridge is in the middle of nowhere yet it is famous for pastries.
The red dot is pointing to Polebridge.  We came from Apgar and were going to Whitefish for the day before our flight left out of Kalispell.    

They were right, the bakery was amazing, so worth the detour.  

It is a strange little commune. 

After we filled up on baked goods we headed to Whitefish.  Whitefish is a quaint town, full of restaurants and interesting shops.  But our sights were set on the Great Northern Brewing Company, as they have been our source for beer on this trip, and many good times.  

We did the tour, which cost 5$ and included a beer of your choice, which you could bring along with you on the tour.  They use gravity throughout their beer making process so we started on the third floor.  While the tour guide was talking proudly about how the brewery is the tallest building in town, I looked around at the view and noticed taller buildings while Eric noted the dial on the roof.  As it turns out the dial is connected to a weather vane, which gives it the extra height needed to make it the tallest building in town.   

Cheers to a great trip!

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  1. Brady, I am so glad you did a last day post. Many bloggers return from a trip and never "wrap it up". Not only did you, but you made a wonderful post.

    I want to go to Polebridge just for the pastries. What a fun detour. Raya & Josh have been exceptional guides. How fun for all of you. Thanks for bringing us along on your Montana adventure. I have loved it all.


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