Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maná en Concierto, Finalmente

Mana in concert! So exciting! I have wanted to see them ever since I had tickets to go in MEXICO CITY (but it most unfortunately didn't work out then). 

Mana is the best selling Spanish rock band of all time (25 million albums sold). 

My hubby got us these tickets for Valentine's Day. I have been patient...

What better way to start the evening than with SUSHI.   
We went to Sushi Yama in Escondido. 
The salmon sashimi was incredible.

You have to love the suma wall paper...

Corona was Mana's sponsor. 

And what better goes with Corona than way too much tequila?
They may drink a lot (the drummer has a cooler in his drum set) but they have managed to keep their band together since 1986. 

The concert was amazing. Mana has extremely talented musicians. Although Fred doesn't know the songs, he couldn't help but appreciate the music. 
It is difficult not to appreciate music filled with such alma. 

Fred said I should take a picture of my parking job, he was impressed. 
I hate to brag, but I am really good at parallel parking.

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  1. lo que las grandes fotos de una noche interesante. I have a problem with the diverse "internationalism" of it though. Shouldn't you have had Mexican for dinner? The sushi looks good but doesn't fit the theme!

    Great job with the photos. It looks like a great date night. Good gift Fred!


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