Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sandy, Utah

Sandy, Utah is the perfect location for all of the ski resorts in Salt Lake (about 20-30 minutes to any of them). The house we rented is small, a 2-bedroom, but was a grand total of 325$ for all three nights. It is in a quiet, rural neighborhood and really couldn't be better. 

We have had this trip planned for months, but really lucked out with the weather. 
It is supposed to snow the entire time we are here. 

When you do not live in the snow, it is very exciting to experience...

The contrast of colorful flowers and snow is incredible. 

Within the clouds it is impossible to see the majestic mountains surrounding us, but the glimpses of views we have got are incredible. 

Josh is preparing our boards (waxing and buffing) for tomorrow. We are EXCITED!

Raya and I made enchiladas for dinner (chicken with green sauce and veggie with red sauce), with California avocados. 

The evening ended with shocking games, Raya's homemade apple pie, and the jacuzzi. 
are SO ready for snowboarding tomorrow. 

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  1. I apologize. I commented on Brighton and did not see your Sandy post. Oh my... what a gorgeous series of photos. The flowers pushing through the snow always make me think of HOPE. Wow.

    The quail is so content looking. The daffodil dripping in snow is exquisite. I love all the animal life you got to be with. Really nice place. AND a great deal.

    Fun, fun, fun. You know how to enjoy a vacation Brady! Well done my friend.


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