Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anza Borrego Art

There is more in the desert besides cacti, there is creative, incredible artwork as well. 

The owner of Galleta Meadows in Anza Borrego desert commissioned a local artist to create metal sculptures, all of which can be visited for free on his land.  I thought the art would be difficult to find but they are right on the side of the road. 

Both Megan and I had heard of these metal sculptures but today was our first visit. 
What pushed us was the rainy weather in San Diego, we plotted an successful escape.

This was taken moments before I was attacked by a jumping cholla (the cacti pictured).  It was quite an event to remove the segment of cactus and the needles from my ankle.  I would have guessed every needle had barbs at the end, but instead it was microscopic scales in the opposite direction of removal. 

The sculptures are based on fossils found in the area. 

The details are absolutely incredible.  They appear as though the artist, Ricardo Breceda from Perris, Ca, actually witnessed these creatures in person. 

 We did not see them all so I am ready to return. 
They are way cooler in person than pictures can show. 

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  1. Brady, I have seen a few of these but I had no idea there were so many. Wow. I love the one of you and the one of the car- both being 'consumed' by the sculptures. What a gorgeous day in the desert.

    I researched Dennis Avery, the man who commissioned these amazing works of art. Mr. Avery, heir to the Avery Dennison label fortune but a self-made success on his own, used his money for scores of charitable causes, often giving anonymously worldwide.

    In Borrego Springs he bought 3,000 acres in the early 1990s to keep it from ever being developed. He called the land Galleta Meadows Estate and opened it to the public. He is a hero to this community and passed away just this past July. He left a legacy in many ways. I am very impressed by this giving man.

    It's wonderful that you documented him here.

    Bummer about your ankle cholla!


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