Friday, October 19, 2012

Camping at Carlsbad

Beach camping is the best.  So, it is not exactly like getting back to nature but I have so many fond memories of beach camping as a kid with my sisters that I cannot help but love it.  How cool to be a part of the girls fond memories of beach camping. 
We didn't have the best weather (it sprinkled much of the time) but this did not put a damper on the evening. 

My aunt and uncle came to the beach site to do crafts with the girls and make dinner.  Maybe I should be more specific, both relatives came but my aunt brought crafts and dinner... 

Thanks for the dinner and desserts, Aunt Kathy!

The next day we spent the morning at community event in my aunt's neighborhood and got a head start on Halloween.  Super fun!

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  1. I love an aunt who does crafts with the kiddos. How totally sweet is that. There is nothing quite like looking at life through children's eyes. Sweet faces.

    Love the pumpkin patch!

    When witches go riding,
    and black cats are seen,
    the moon laughs and whispers,
    ‘tis near Halloween.


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