Friday, October 5, 2012

Joshua Tree Troubles

Joshua Tree is gorgeous. 
I lucked out and happened to head up on a cooler weekend so heat was not an issue.

I had a purpose.  To see Jessica, meet her new boyfriend,

and keep her mind off of her broken leg. 
While standing in her garden contemplating what to do next she started to turn but she bumped a Joshua tree stump.  Her leg got stuck but her body was still in motion.  A broken tibia and fibula, 9 screws and a plate later, she is on the way to recovery.

She won't be able to walk for a few months but the pain is beginning to subside.  Surprisingly enough she was in great spirits while I was there, even though the main topic of conversation was her leg and the intense discomfort.
Poor Jess!

Even though her leg is broken, it could be worse.  She has a beautiful view, it is cooling down, and her new beau is making life much easier for her (oh, and I hope I helped a little too!).


  1. Having broken my tib/fib with a spiral fracture, yet not as severe as Jessica, I feel for her. YIKES. When I was hobbling around in a cast, everyone would stop me and tell me their broken leg stories. Jessica will have to come up with a better tale of her injury than that! I hope she mends quickly.

    So where is the photo ofo the beau? Very mysterious.

    The photo of the sunset is wonderful. Joshua Tree is such a unique place. Seems like a nice escape.

  2. this is awful! poor jessica.


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