Sunday, May 12, 2013

Natural History Museum on Mother's Day

There has been an entomology exhibit at the Natural History Museum that I have been wanting to take the girls to for months.  I made plans with Marla before we realized it was Mother's day but we decided to keep the plans anyway.  Marla and I both lucked out.  Marla got to enjoy a tranquil Mother's day morning, and I got into the museum for free because it was Mother's day.  

I was impressed with the museum, it is amusing for all ages.  There is plenty to touch (even if it is too advanced to be understood by all).  

The large creature in the glass is a model of colossal ant-like creature found in the arctic in 1901.  It was brought to a lab in the 50's but when the lab closed in the 70's the body was auctioned off and the new owner is unknown.  The only picture that remains is of its claw.
Evolution is amazing.  

We learned about dinosaurs from life size animatronic dinos with lizards dangling from their mouths, snorting, roaring, etc.  It is a cool exhibit but it would have drawn out tears if Ruby were any younger.  

Okay, so I promised the girls I would let them swim in the fountain today and I am not the type of aunt to break a promise (especially since the girls never forget one).  

Awe,  I miss my nieces.  But I had to give them back to their rightful owner on this day that is Mother's day. 

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  1. We took the kids there once to see a bug exhibit hosted by Miss Frizzle, of the Magic School Bus series. Did you read those? What an incredible place. Looks like you all made the most of Mother's Day.

    I'm not too certain I would have let me kids swim in the fountain, but I guess that's what "fun aunties" are for.

    Way fun looking day!


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