Friday, May 10, 2013

Slow Boat on Dixon Lake

After meeting Marla in a parking lot to do a kid transfer, and getting Baltimore Snow, we picked up Fred and went straight to Dixon Lake (the lake a mile from our house).  Fred disappeared while we were looking at squirrels and minutes later came back to surprise the girls with the motor boat he had rented.  
(I have other pictures but I love this one of Ruby overreacting to the bright sun.)

First Fred taught Elle how to drive the boat.  (Marla, you know that it wouldn't be a sleepover without an element of danger... just kidding.  The boat was super slow.)

Then Ruby commandeered the boat.  She was, of course, a natural.  

I LOVE watching my nieces!  They are so much fun, and so sweet, and so darn cute!   

After the boat ride we ate Chinese food at my favorite local Chinese restaurant (Yummy Express) and then played board games.  It was a great start to the weekend!

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  1. What a glorious day! The colors are so vivid. What a fun series of photos. That uncle Freddy is a sweetie.

    Looks like an amazing May day.
    Love all these photos.


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