Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easy as paddling a paddle board

Due to Fred's injuries we have not been able to do our usual surfing together.  He has been wanting to try paddle boarding to build up his upper body strength again so he rented today.  I met him at the Carlsbad lagoon after work, tutoring, and talent show rehearsals, so it was pretty late by the time I got there.  I didn't feel like going through the hassle of putting on a wet suit, etc. for thirty minutes of paddle boarding so I just went for it in my work clothes.   

I think that being fully clothed pushed me harder not to fall, BUT it was pretty easy so I am sure I would have stayed dry either way.  Maybe it will be another story next month when Raya and I try stand up paddle yoga.  

I am not planning on picking this up as a sport but it was fun for a change (and I was pretty impressed about my skills in my skirt).  

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  1. I hope no one expresses surprise at this post! I have a new phrase in my lexicon: SO BRADY! It is used to describe extraordinary occurances, activities, sentences, text messages where you get carded, etc.

    You paddle boarding in your work clothes is SO BRADY! I just wish I was there watching you while eating Deniches.

    Looks like a blast. I'll do that with you on Lady's Night in Tahoe- date?


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