Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 3 in Boston- Salem, Massachusetts

It was raining hard so our plans for the day changed a bit.  We decided that a trip to Salem, where the Salem witch trials took place, couldn't be more fitting.  
We started at New England Soup Factory with homemade soup and then wondered around in search of witches and pirates.    

We went to the Witch museum, and then the Pirate museum right after.  It is hard to believe how much history has taken place in Salem.  
19 people were killed during the witch trials, but this was nothing compared to the tens of thousands that were killed in Europe for the same ludicrous accusation.  

I was a little skeptical about going to the pirate museum... I thought they would be playing A Pirate Life for Me.  Who knew that there were so many famous pirates that spent time right here in Salem.
Not all pirates had the traditional Jolly Roger flags (the skull and cross bones), many of them had hearts in their motto, which stood for life... and is super cute.  

Fred found a Gilbert pirate (an ancestor possible?) who was from Mexico and had a pirate ship called the Mexican.  
He was inspired.  

I could not think of a better type of day to spend in Salem than a dreary rainy day.  Being flexible while traveling is a good thing.  

After dinner and the Patriots game we had our cards read to us by Sylvia, who was Wicca inspired.  Our future is looking good in Boston!


  1. Halloween is when Salem is suppose to be awesome but you did a great job being there in August. Tell me more about the Bunghole. I had to look up the definition because he sounds nasty (Beavis & Butthead nasty). A bunghole is a hole bored in a liquid-tight barrel. The hole is capped with a large cork-like object called a bung.

    Love the Gilbert pirate connection! What a blast. Rainy day made better by fun.

  2. I went to Salem before, its always interesting to think of what went on in the same location in the past. I love the pic of Fred with the Gilbert pirate, he looks so proud. :)


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