Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 5 in Boston- The Hub and Clam boil

After a yummy breakfast in Roslindale we went to the SoWa open market which is like an upscale farmer's market but with antique stores added into the mix.  

The rest of the day was spend walking around "the Hub" which is Boston's nickname, short for "the hub of the universe".  
I suppose when you make up your own nickname there are no rules so may as well go big.  

Since this is our first trip to Boston I was completely unaware that the Boston bombings at the finish line of the Boston marathon was amid the above churches and store fronts in the heart of Boston.  

The view from Top of the Hub on the 52nd floor is incredible.  We got a fancy martini and enjoyed the sights.  

Our dinner plan was something that we had been looking forward to for days.  Keith was going to make us clam boil... corn, mussels, onion, potatoes, clams and whole lobsters cooked in a large pot with seasonings.  The entire meal, including 4 lobsters and dessert, was less than 60$.  

I prompted Keith in this picture to be proud of his work.  

After dinner, which was unbelievably amazing, we digested on the porch.  
I cannot imagine a better way to wrap up the summer.  

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  1. Okay, is that bacon on your plate??? Don't even tell me it's 'fish bacon'. Totally pork o rama there. Looks delicious.

    The Hub nickname cracks me up. I thought this was interesting too. Like most other cities and towns in New England, Boston was named after another city across the sea in old England. The English city was originally named “Boltophston” after Saint Botolph, and orthodox preacher in England. Boston came from a shortening of “Boltophston.” Boston, Lincolnshire, home to many of new Boston’s early Puritan settlers, provided the naming roots for Boston, Massachusetts.

    Weird right?

    Looks like you crammed it as much as possible in such a short time. Love the multiple lobster smack downs.

    I did not know that about the Marathon. What a haunting visit that must have been. Gives me chills.

    I feel like I got to travel, if only briefly. Thanks Brady!


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