Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 4 in Boston- Mattapoisett and BJ Palooza

Since Fred and I were not able to attend Sylvia and Keith's wedding in Mattapoisett we thought it would be fun to take a wedding tour.  We started at Ned's Point Lighthouse (built in 1838) where the ceremony took place and then headed to the little nearby village where the reception was located.  It is a cute area and just minutes from where Keith grew up.  

Brandon (Keith's brother-in-law) has a party, BJ Palooza, every year around his birthday and the whole neighborhood along with old and new friends are invited.  BJ Palooza is always a big success, and our trip coincided with the local event.  People across the pond arrive on boats and jet skis.  

The pond is about one mile by four in size.  We had a discussion about the difference between a pond and a lake before our arrival arguing if the definition is based on depth or surface area only to find that there technically is no difference.  

Keith has been working this whole week (it is difficult for us to understand the concept of work in summer). Since it was Saturday it was our first full day to spend time with him.  

How cool that we got to party with a bunch of Massachusites.  
Who knew, for example, that a hot dog steamer is a common appliance?  
Inquiring minds want to know...

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  1. The "Wedding Walk" was a great idea. What a picturesque place to get married. I love the reminiscing. Wow.

    Okay, BJ Palooza is a riot. You timed it perfectly. I suspect that was the plan. Nice Keith could join you.

    Was the Hot Dog cooker in the house? By the way, I love Sylvia's dogs' names. What a hoot.


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