Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cleanup Day at Dixon Lake

Every year on the third Saturday of September Californians ban together for the state's largest volunteer event, California Coastal Cleanup Day.  Last year 770,000 pounds of trash was removed from our beaches, lakes and watersheds.  Since I am a regular at Dixon Lake I thought it was the perfect location to participate at.  Marla, the girls, Jessica and I pulled trash out of the lake that looks clean when you are jogging by but lurking in the reeds is (WAS) lots of garbage.  

There is a children's bucket decorating contest that the girls are going to enter.
Give a hoot!  Don't pollute!

Elle was super excited about the event.  She is such a caring citizen.  

Marla thought that she got a sweet job, marking down all of our trash findings instead of cleaning.  But she quickly realized she had the toughest job of us all as we were shouting items to put on the list simultaneously.   

These were just the recyclables that we found.  It is incredible that people could drink a beer, or a soda, or whatever and then absentmindedly toss it afterwards.

After volunteering we went to Baltimore Snow (the best snowball place ever), and then hit the pool.  What a great way to spend the last day of summer.   

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  1. The stewardship you are instilling in your nieces is admirable Brady... truly. The world is such a better place because of you! I say that with the utmost sincerity.

    What a wonderful way to spend a day. AND Everyone looks content. I love Marla's job. The photos do it all justice. It makes me want to be out there in it with you.

    I'm glad Baltimore Snow is surviving. Way to reward. Great, great day.


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