Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 4- JB's Fish Camp

After canoeing next to alligators we found ourselves at JB's Fish Camp ordering fried alligator.  I had to try it!  It was a little chewy to me.  Fred said I must have got a chewy piece but I think I am just not used to that kind of texture.  Fred is a fan for sure.  
Apparently alligators are in abundance and permits are given out by lottery (like hunting deer in Arizona).  I think Fred was a little disappointed when he learned that shooting an alligator with a bow and arrow is not an option.  

I took some pictures of Jeff and Annie on the river as the sun set.  This candid one is my favorite.  (Not because they are laughing at my joke but because they look very comfortable together.)

Anne, Anne's friend who came from Australia for the wedding, Mark, Jeff, Annie and I all enjoyed the delicious food that JB's had to offer.  Its motto is "southern food with an attitude".  Fred and I wanted to try more Floridian food (via recommendations) so Fred got grouper and I ordered rock shrimp.  Everything was amazing.  I like rock shrimp because you have to peel each one so it makes you eat a little slower; they are really tender.  

We tried our first ever 'real' key lime pie.  It was not the green pie that we get in California but made with key limes grown in the keys.  It was incredible.  

I am so glad that the Smith family could meet up with us before we head back to California.  JB's has a well deserved reputation.  

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  1. That Jeff and Anne photo is frameable! How totally incredible! What a fantastic fish place. You know how to enjoy life completely.


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