Sunday, September 8, 2013

Water Park Phobias

Marla, the girls, and I spent Sunday at Splash Kingdom in Redlands.  I have not been to a water park in years, maybe since I was in high school (or middle school?).  It is a wave of emotions as you become temporarily desensitized to the disgusting-ness that is a water park while having the feelings soon return just as strong as before.  I think it is best if you just try not to think about it, especially since it is so fun for kids who do not consider things like excess urine water and festering microscopic organisms.   
All this being said, I admit it was a fun day; Ruby rode on her first big water slide, and both the girls rode the static wave on boogie boards.  It was a great way to escape the heat.    

Who cares if the girls spent much of the time spitting water park water out of their mouth.  Like I said, just don't think about it!  Facing your fears makes you stronger...     
Thanks Mar!  It was a great day.  

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  1. This is the cutest series of photos I've seen EVER. The one of you with Ruby should be a poster! ALL of them are incredible! What fun.

    I totally support you on the phobias thing. When we would go to the City Pool, Brenton called it "Pink Eye Pond". Yikes.

    You are the funnest auntie every. Thanks for bringing me with you. Wow.


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