Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beach camping day 2

By the time I got to the beach yesterday it was so overcast that you could not see the ocean.  (This was not good for the man on the cliffs just north of the campsite, in a suit and tie, sitting at a table set up with a white table cloth and a vase with a rose in it, wining and dining his Valentine.)  
I went surfing but had to use the force to know when waves were approaching.  I freaked out when I saw a black fin coming towards me, knowing full well my fears were coming true... that I was being chosen to be attacked instead of the perfectly edible surfer near me.  
 Luckily I evaded danger, being that the fin belonged to one of a pair of friendly dolphins. 

Today is a brand new day.  It is beautiful and totally clear.  It is the perfect beach day.    

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  1. I had to read about the overcast darkness out loud to Steve. When I finished he said, "Wow that is so well worded, who wrote that?" Excellent description of being consumed and of perseverance. Wow.

    Beautiful day photos of the beach. How totally fun for all of you. Did you sleep in your car? Do we have photos of that somewhere?

    Thanks for sharing your fun Brady..


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