Saturday, February 22, 2014

Orfila wine

Meg, Pat, Mar, and I spent the afternoon wine tasting at Orfila winery.  This was my first visit to the winery but I think I will join 3,000 others and become a wine club member.  The membership is free (you just need to buy three bottles every quarter), and you get to bring three people wine tasting for free, as often as once a day.  
A guy working at the pharmacy already told me he would be one of my three guests... being a member will make me popular.  

We ALMOST did not do the free tour which is offered daily at noon, until someone informed us you get free wine.  The tour was interesting as it was very specific to the winery.  We learned about the owner, who grew up on a vineyard in his homeland of Argentina, we learned about the winemaker Justin Mund, who often works the vineyard hot and shirtless, and about the property, which is part of 14,000 acres in the San Pasqual Valley that is owned by the city of San Diego and leased for agricultural purposes to preserve the watershed and reduce urbanization.    

Cindy, our docent, only had wonderful things to say about the winery (and hot and sometimes shirtless Justin Mund).  
We did much better on this tour than my bachelorette party wine tour, when we had to excuse ourselves one by one as our enlightenment came from laughter instead of learning.  
Luckily Cindy was open to our humor.  

After savoring our wine flights, we narrowed our favorites down and all agreed on a bottle to enjoy outside  in the sun with our potluck picnic (we went with the rosé).  The only thing better than drinking outside on a sunny day, is doing it with some of my favorite people.   

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  1. Didn't you feel like you were in Italy while you picnicked overlooking the vineyards? We totally did. I love that place. I love the history and when I go again, I will play the game, "Where is hot, dusty Justin?"

    “One should always be drunk. That's all that matters...But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.”
    ― Charles Baudelaire


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