Wednesday, March 26, 2014

El pueblo magico

There is something magical about Tecate.  Every time I visit I notice something new, while simultaneously feeling more and more at home.  
In celebrating Jessica's birthday I promised her a trip to Tecate; after school Lisa, the birthday girl, and I were headed down south.  
The first stop was El Mejor Pan.  

We walked through parque Hidalgo, and Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, on the way to the brewery.  

Every day everyone and anyone is permitted one free beer at the brewery.  It is part of the tradition, as an employee explained to me.  
Today we had our pick of Mexican Tecate, American Tecate, Dos Equis and Tecate light.  

While drinking the tasty Tecate I noticed that the tab had the Tecate symbol on it, something that I had not seen before.  I had to ask if the symbol was new; come to find out that it is not, it is just specific to Mexican Tecate.  Other differences include the gold color (versus silver), and a 4.9% alcohol content instead of 4.2%.  

I then showed the ladies how to walk from the border to the museo, so they can visit me one time while I am working.  
There is new artwork at Casa de la Cultura.  

We stopped by the old railroad station before heading to Vinoteca, a wine bar that I have been meaning to check out for months.  

Vinoteca is incredible.  They only sell local wine, many from the ruta de vino but even more are specifically from Tecate.  
There is a deal on Wednesday; if you get a bottle of wine you are served a bread and cheese platter for free.  All of the food items, including the tapenade,are made in Tecate too.   

The wine bar is located just two blocks from the park, and has a large patio hidden from the main street.  The screen behind us is the location of an outdoor bar in the summer time.  
I cannot wait to return in summer.  

Tecate is gorgeous.  

There is so much history in this small area.  You can see this street has been here for a long while, maybe 100 years, or even more... 

I went to another place that has been on my list, Rogavios Pub (which is right next door to the bakery).

We drank some wine, enjoyed great food recommended by the owner, who sat and chatted with us (me) the entire time.  He opened the place when he was 24.  Thirteen years later he has expanded into a thriving restaurant/bar/dance club.  Every Saturday night they have salsa and bachata until 3 in the morning (and sometimes much later).  Professional and amateurs from all over Baja come to dance the night away.  I cannot wait to return.  

After visiting Tecate anyone can see why this border town has been designated as a Pueblo Mágico by the Mexican board of tourism.  
The magical element in Tecate is as conspicuous as it is ubiquitous.  

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  1. No one can fill a day like you can Brady! Having been to some of the same locales, I am enjoying the reminders.

    The new place leave me wanting to return to Tecate. AWESOME...


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