Saturday, March 29, 2014

Page 1- An Introduction

Josh's friend, Eric, and I left San Diego county headed for Page, Arizona at 5am.  (Strange things happen this early in the morning.  For example, giant conch shells on flat bed trucks with guiding wide load vehicles are transported on the freeway at this time.  It was either a giant conch shell, about 30 feet long, or a UFO.  And a UFO would be ridiculous.)
After just a little over 10 hours on the road, and crossing six borders (the road meanders) we arrived at the house in Page, Arizona where Raya, Josh, Eric, and another friend of theirs, Kevin, will spend the week exploring some of what the mountain states have to offer.  
After getting settled and going grocery shopping we took a short walk from the house to see Glen Canyon dam, Navajo sandstone creations, and various wildflowers in bloom.  

My sister made me sit down but I don't think sitting made it better.  

After the water leaves the dam it will continue on for over 140 miles as it shapes the Grand Canyon.  

This is the first year that Raya's and my spring breaks have aligned.  As soon as talk of a trip with Raya and Josh began I said I was in.  I have been looking forward to it for months as the plans were dreamed up, and now that I am here I am even more excited.  
We live in a beautiful country.  

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  1. Exceptional... What a glorious series of flora and fauna photos. Thank you so much Brady. I now have an even larger list of places I have to go.

    I can't wait to see where the week takes you. Well done babe.


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