Sunday, March 30, 2014

Page 2- Waterholes canyon, Toadstool trail, and Pelting sand

Waterholes canyon was a last minute decision based on the fact that we woke up to windy conditions (it was way to windy to kayak).  
The canyon is an intricate, narrow slot canyon carved into Navajo sandstone just 10 minutes from our house in Page.  

A black field cricket.  

A two tone sandstone rock.  

Concretions within the sandstone.  

This portion of the hike was supposed to have a rope but there was only a broken ladder which went up about a third of the height needed (maybe that is giving the ladder too much credit).  We used team work to push and/or pull each other to the top.  We were glad that we kept going.  The best part of the hike was beyond this obstacle.  

On our way back to the car during the Waterholes hike the wind became even stronger.  Being pelted in the face with fine sand does not make for favorable hiking conditions.  We decided it would be perfect to do the Glen Canyon dam tour but tours were canceled due to high winds (the highest gust being 55 mph).  

It is difficult to capture fast moving air in pictures.  

We couldn't sit around inside all day waiting around for good conditions so we decided to check out Toadstool trail, just 30 miles from Page.  Toadstools are spires with boulders perched on top, formed as the softer rock below the boulder erodes away.  

Navajo sandstone is not always red.  It can be bleached white when the iron that causes the red pigment is washed away through the porous sandstone.  

Pelting sand is not easy to hike in.  The total hike from the car was just 1.6 miles, but the wind worsened as we walked and 1.6 miles was the most my eyes, teeth, ears, etc. could handle.  
It wasn't ideal conditions but it was still unbelievable gorgeous!  

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  1. Steve got out a map and said, "We're going on a road trip". I am loving this trip to AZ through you.

    Is it me, or should Toadstool Trail be renamed, "Penis Pathway"? I'm just saying!

    Love it all babe.


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