Monday, March 31, 2014

Page 3- Kayak from Antelope Point marina to Labyrinth canyon

Our shuttle to the shuttle.  

Josh and Raya coordinated a 30 minute boat shuttle from Antelope Point marina so we could easily kayak to Labyrinth canyon (our ultimate destination).  
We did about 10 miles round trip from the beach where we were dropped off.  

When there was no more agua we pulled the kayaks over and started hiking.  

Slotty canyons are the best kind of canyons.  

I stemmed up all wrong, which I found hilarious.  

Prickly poppy.  

I am pro Go Pro.  It is the second best thing to experiencing the canyon first hand.  Although nothing is better than seeing it in person.  

I don't know what to say. Today was amazing.   


  1. I am loving your Go Pro skills. It brings us there. I did have a question about this, "I stemmed up all wrong, which I found hilarious." What does that mean.

    The photos are exceptional. Thank you for sharing. The video, your writing and the photographs make us really envious of this adventure.

  2. Hi! I've been trying to find info on kayaking to Labyrinth Canyon without joining a tour ($$$). Can I ask where you were dropped off, how much it cost, and how long the entire trip took? Sorry for all the questions haha. Also do you know how long the Lower Antelope Canyon kayak trip took? Your pictures are amazing! Can't wait to go :)

    1. Sorry I missed this! We had six people. I think it was 50$/person.
      The phone number is 928-640-0587. It was just 30 minutes. :)

  3. Hy ! Awesome trip and beautiful pictures !!
    I was just wondering how you managed to go from Antelope Point Marina to Labyrinth Canyon. Is there a "water taxi" service in Antelope PM ?

    1. Hi Frank. We booked a private shuttle (water taxi) from the marina. We prearranged the drop off and pick up time. 928-640-0587.
      All of the kayaking there was epic!!


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