Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Braun's took us on several driving tours of the area. The Carson Mansion, located in Eureka, is one of the most photographed Victorian houses in the United States. William Carson built this house in 1884. He originally moved to the area in hopes of discovering gold, but instead found a fortune in Redwood. http://ingomar.org/history-carson.html

The "Pink Lady" is directly across the street from the Carson Mansion. It was built by William Carson as well, as a wedding present for his son.  I wonder how his wife felt about living across the street from his parents!

We gained a little more insight into Arcata when we were witness to the Kinetic Grand Championship, a 3-day, 42-mile triathalon in art sculptures, which has been taking place since 1969. http://kineticgrandchampionship.com/about_the_race.php
It wasn't enough to watch 24 hour a day footage on TV from previous years . We really had to see it in person.

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  1. One of the things I love about blogs is that they expose you to things you never would have found on your own. Brady's blog has done that for me many times. The Kinetic Race sounds incredible. Her entire itinerary is admirable.


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