Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hiking the Redwoods

Kristin and Torey took us to Fern Canyon in the Redwood National Forrest for our first day in town. It was incredible. There was water trickling down dirt walls which held thousands of fern's roots. We had to hike over huge logs that acted like bridges so we didn't get wet by the stream that empties out into the nearby ocean. There were elk on the beach grazing.
And I forgot to bring my camera battery!! :(

Day 2: Take 2, with camera battery. :)
Hey...wait up Kristin and Torey!
These woods are located right behind Humboldt State. Arcata has almost 800 acres of Community Forest, which is basically like an outdoor lab for those at school to study biological sciences.

This fat banana slug looks like a happy camper! Torey said if I touch it the slime won't just come off with soap and water. This was a souvenir I did not want to take home...

You can find art around every corner (or tree) in Arcata!

It is amazing that you can go from hiking in the woods to the beach within a few minutes.

Kristin's dream beach house.

Thanks for the lovely vacation Brauns!! We are already planning our return trip.


  1. I have never hiked in that part of California but now I really want to. How beautiful it all is. I love the varying shades of green. The banana slugs are famous and I would love to see one up close like your photo. Wow.

  2. Hey Brady and Fred,
    What a neat trip!
    Mark and I missed going there in 2008 which I regret. We plan on getting there sometime in the future...
    Loved your pics...love Northern Cal.
    Anne and Mark

  3. Very cool looks and sounds like you had a good time, awesome! KC


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