Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nancy gets married!

My cousin Nancy and her husband Vinny tied the knot at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles.  I have been to this cathedral once before and was in awe of its beauty and vastness. I could not believe that I my cousin was going to have her wedding in this cathedral!

It was a beautiful ceremony. My other cousins, Emma and Leah, are in dark purple dresses to the left.

The cake was really good but the only piece I got was smeared onto my hand by Vinny...just look at his mischievous face!

I am not close to my cousin but everyone asked if we were sisters. Not only do we look alike, have many interests in common, have the same eyeglass precription, but also our personalities are similar. People at the wedding just couldn't get over it. Now that my cousin and I had a chance to reconnect, we are definitley going to stay in contact. My cousin Nancy is GREAT!

Ummmm...Freddy and Vinny felt got along very well too.

Well, we didn't get home to 3a.m. and had way too much to drink but overall had a perfect night.  Congratulations Nancy and Vinny!!


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  2. I have always wanted to see the interior of that church. Your photos did it justice from what I've seen from the exterior. Everyone looks wonderful and happy. I wish them "happily ever afters". Beautiful.


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