Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Town Temecula

Fred's dad, Don, drove down from Camarillo for an early Father's Day, and to see us before we leave for Europe. We took him for a walk on the Santa Rosa Plateau, and followed that up with a trip to Old Town. It was great to start on the plateau considering that 165 years ago this is what much of Temecula Valley look like.

I haven't walked around Old Town Temecula since I don't know when. I enjoyed reading about it's history, and reliving my own history (since I spent so much time in this area when I was a kid). I went to preschool right behind Butterfield Square, and my mom had a flower shop right in front.

The sign posted in this window says 'Quarenteed! Small Pox. This sign shall not be removed under penalty'. I don't think I would have wanted to stay at this hotel in the 1800's.  Life was rough in the Wild West!

For Temecula history check out this website.

The Swing Inn Cafe opened in 1827. Not much inside or out has changed since, but the food is excellent.

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  1. We love seeing the "old" through new eyes. How fun. AND I loved Don when we met him so I'm certain he was a lot of fun in town. Enjoy it all. I never knew about your mom's flower shop. When was that? How cool!


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