Wednesday, June 19, 2013

B-cycle Denver

I had been looking forward to my Denver trip since my plane ticket purchase, mostly because I couldn't wait to spend time with my friend Valerie but also because I had not been to Denver since I was 15 and came home with the impression that Colorado smelled like frying bacon.  

The first thing we did is rent bikes through the B-cycle bicycle sharing program and headed to Wash Park.  

After lunch at the Tavern in Wash park we went to Denver Botanical Gardens (which is supposed to be a 'must do' in Denver).  Much to our disappointment it was closed early for a Tony Bennett concert.  

We were really stoked with the idea of renting bikes because it is really convenient having docking stations all over the city, but it ended up costing us 25$ instead of the 8$ we originally thought.  Valerie thinks that we were supposed to dock it every 30 minutes for the 8$ price but that doesn't seem right to me because that takes away the convenience factor. Anyway, it was still super fun and worth the 25$.

Damien picked us up at the garden of disappointment and we headed to downtown for some exploring.  

We ended the night on a rooftop bar with some of their friends.  
It was a perfect first day in Denver.  

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  1. Okay, "Garden of Disappointment" cracked me up. Bummer that old Tony guy ruined your fun. BUT what a great bunch of photos. The biking sounded amazing. Looks like an exceptional vacation. Fun stuff.


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