Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red Rocks and Adolph Coors

Our day started at Red Rocks park.  The rocks at Red Rocks range from 250-300 million years old.  They are much older than the Rocky Mountains which formed about 70 million years ago.  During the formation of the Rockies the older and buried sandstone was uplifted, exposed, and over time has eroded to be what it is today.  The red color is a result of oxidation of the iron-rich water which percolated through the sandstone during the erosion process.  

Denver view from Red Rocks.

The amphitheater behind us is the only natural occurring amphitheater in the world and was built during the Great Depression as part of Roosevelt's New Deal.  

One of the first musical performances at Red Rocks in August 1910, before construction of the amphitheater.  

After Red Rocks we went on the Coors brewery tour.  We had to wait in line for almost an hour for the free tour but it was well worth it.

We learned about the history of the company started in 1855 by a Prussian immigrant, Adolph Coors.
I love the 7 ounce cans.  

And we learned about the process of brewing in the world's largest brewery.  
I was surprised by how many beers are made by Coors including Killian's and Blue Moon.  

At the end of the tour we got to choose three beers from the list of beers on tap.  I went with Batch 19, Colorado Native and Agave Blue Moon.  

I feel like we did so much during my time in Colorado, and we didn't come close to scratching the surface of things to do.  It was such an amazing trip and I miss Valerie and Damien already.
Until next time!  

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  1. The photos of Red Rocks are amazing, especially the amphitheater. Wouldn't you have loved to see that 1910 performance- magical.

    As for Coors, I fell in love with Blue Moon on that tour (we've been several times). Blue Moon is now the official sponsor of "Keep Tahoe Blue". It's that cool? Great 'blue' pairing.

    Looks like an incredible last day. You know how to have fun friend.


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