Saturday, June 1, 2013

Carlsbad Camping

Camping at the beach reminds me of my childhood.  We went often.  I love seeing the girls grow up with the same experience, and the same level of enjoyment.  (These girls could not possibly be having a better time.)

God I love my nieces!  

I couldn't wait to sleep in the back of our new car.  I bought the inflatable mattress days after the purchase with the intention of Fred and I having an inexpensive 'hotel' on short trips.  After the one-nighter in the car I am even more excited.  I slept so good.

Helton happiness.  

Marla and Dan know how to camp... they go all out with food.

Salmon, steak (none for me), shrimp and veggie kabobs, and mac n' cheese...  

Love it.  (The shrimp hearts were Dan's creation.  He is so cheesy.)

Smores?  Yes, please.  

Marla and Dan are keeping up with old traditions.  
And I am so happy to be part of it.  
It wouldn't be camping without glow-sticks!  

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  1. Brady, your family traditions sound wonderful and it's great that they are being carried on.

    When I read about them, as part of your childhood, I had to think whether we had them when we were young.

    Cyalume by researchers under Herbert Richter at China Lake Naval Weapons Center in 1965, so probably so.

    Several US patents for "glow stick" type devices were received by various inventors. Most of these are assigned to the US Navy (October 1973).

    That said, they were not part of our camping. S'mores were! I love the close up photo. Your menu is way beyond our camping style. Loved the shrimp Dan created. Looks like the perfect weekend.


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