Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beaver Lake hike

Valerie found a deal for a hotel room at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek that I was more than happy to check out with her.  The Hyatt is a fancy hotel that has valet parking only, thick paper towels in the bathroom, s'more happy hour with homemade marshmallows, and one of the top rated spas in Colorado.  Needless to say we enjoyed our stay.

After lunch in the village we convinced each other to go on a hike.  We were told Beaver Lake hike would be our best bet so we set off.

The hike was three miles and almost a 2,000 feet elevation gain, but we are still looking good.  

In the end we never made it to the lake.  We got to wilderness land and were required to fill out a permit.  Believing we must of somehow made a wrong turn we decided it was the best plan to return to the hotel (we found out later we were on the right track and probably just a few minutes away from the lake which is a little annoying but not dampening).  

We spent the rest of the day with some drinks, snacks, s'mores, and a jacuzzi dip.  
Yep, I am liking Colorado.  

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  1. Okay, exceptional photo of the butterfly! WOW. You should submit that somewhere.

    That is an incredible hike. BIG elevation change. Steve challenges you to do that here where it's a bit higher!!!

    Great post.


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