Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SUP yoga experiment

Raya saw a groupon for SUP yoga at Carlsbad Paddle Club and asked me if I wanted to do the class with her. 
 Ummmm... YES!  

We took the 7:30 am class with Ashton who was an epic instructor.  Raya and I were the only people in the class which allowed us plenty of opportunity to take pictures.  

First Ashton instructed us on how to paddle a paddle board.  It is difficult because the technique is very awkward; both arms straight, knees a little bent, pretending to stab a fish in front of you, then making a figure eight with each stroke, stopping when you reach your feet.   

We got this!  High paddle!  

After ten minutes of paddling we headed back to the studio (behind us), clipped in and did an hour long session (which went by really fast).  

The poses were basic, but basic on a paddle board is not the same as basic in a studio.  Especially when boats go by and create waves.  
All of the poses had at least two points of contact.  At the end I tried some single leg balancing poses.  I failed, and almost ended up in the water (but at least I tried!).  

My view from downward dog.  

SUP yoga is challenging but very rewarding, and peaceful.  
Shavasana with small waves slapping against the bottom of the board and a light mist falling on your face is blissful.  

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  1. Oh man, I may be watching you do this while you're in Tahoe. You are embarrassingly awesome. Wow. Looks very blissful indeed.


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