Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bazar navideño en el museo comunitario, y un pijamada

El museo comunitario has a annual Christmas event that I wanted to be a part of so I headed down south.  

For Second Breakfast I had my favorite snack from El mejor pan, a spinach empanada.  

Preserves, lunch, dessert, indigenous artifacts and various Christmas items were sold.  I was a bit disappointed there were not more people.  People from the US are intimidated to visit, and people from Tecate do not yet understand the concept of a museum.  Before Hernán and Zellla started CAREM there was not one museum in Tecate. The proceeds from the event goes to CAREM, the non-profit organization whose mission is "to identify, protect, preserve, restore, and present to the public the historical and cultural heritage of Baja California".  It is unfortunate that the public is not present to present the information to.  

Marla met me at my house to drop the girls off and we practically ran out the door to do a quick hike at Daley Ranch while there was still light.  It was well worth it. We saw an amazing rainbow and a brilliant sunset.  

We ended the day with snowballs, make-your-own pizza, games and a PG-13 movie (sorry Mar... Jurassic Park is not that scary!).  

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  1. Brady, part of my responsibility for the volunteer position I do for the Friends of the Library is PR. Maybe you have to take it upon yourself to get the word out for all these amazing museum events. It seems so wrong for them to go through all the trouble, and not have attendees. Just a thought.

    That rainbow photo, alone and then with you in the foreground, is incredible. Truly an artist masterpiece.

    You are really taking more and more breathtaking photos. I am so excited by the "what's next" from you.

    Keep posting and sharing. I learn so much. You're awesome.


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