Sunday, November 3, 2013

Carlsbad State Beach; Camping in November

I barely caught the end of the beach sunset, but I will take it!  I was invited to camp with Marla and the family at Carlsbad State Beach.  It is a little risky to book a campsite in November since it is often raining around this time of year but everything worked out.  They had clear skies all weekend.  

The dogs came along this time; Duke's first camping experience.  I do not think they like camping.  They seemed a bit worried this was their new way of life.  

Although I arrived late it was stress free for me.  I was just in time for dinner, and since I sleep on an inflatable in the Subaru I do not have to set up a tent.  

Living in Southern California is pretty dang amazing.  
Summer never seems to end.  

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  1. I love the fire photo with Marla and Elle. The feet in the water is so me, that said, it looks super cold. What a great escape for all of you. I love the happy expressions on everyone's face.

    So glad the weather gods were kind. AND again, thanks for the SoCal vicarious trip.


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