Sunday, November 24, 2013

Encinitas Fall Fair

Yep.  Blueberry smiley face pancakes... I am pretty good at doing the aunt thing... 

The girls and I rode the Coaster from Oceanside to Encinitas for the Fall Fair (an annual event).  We had four and a half hours before the train returned (the schedule is limited on Sundays) but I figured that with the beach nearby we had lots of options.  

There was much more to look at than just booths selling stuff, like dogs driving cars for example.  

After lunch at Swami's we walked up the block to the meditation garden.  The girls were so good about being respectful to those who were at the gardens for peace and quiet.  I was very impressed.

Ruby even tried meditating, although she said she couldn't do it because it was too hard to think of nothing.  At least she is open to try new things!

We walked down to the beach just in time to explore the tide pools before the tide was too high.  We got a little wet which is to be expected when you take kids to the beach, and put them in a tide pool as the tide is rising...  

Encinitas has so much to offer, and taking the train was an added bonus.  We didn't take the train, we went on a train ride.  There is a big difference.  

I found chopstick trainers at the the Japanese market and could not resist getting them for the girls; they are so cute!  
I love niece-sitting.  

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  1. Steve and I are both here marveling at your photographic talents. The one of the two girls, smiling on the beach, should be their Christmas Card photo. So amazing.

    You really make me want to go to Encintas and retrace your steps. Wow. So gorgeous all of it. AND Ruby meditating, what a riot. I understand how hard it is to think of nothing and how cool that she at least tried. What a great, great experience for all of you. Wow.


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