Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Fred and I had a day off together and were more than happy that my cousin Nancy and my cousin-in-law Vinny could spend time with us.  I could not wait any longer to meet their new baby!  (Nancy found out she was pregnant while we were in Japan.)
The Los Angeles Arboretum is a sign off of the 210 freeway that I have noticed for years.  I thought it was the best place to meet up and catch up, and get in a nice walk.  

Jackson is such a good baby!  He did not cry at all.  He just laughed and smiled and slept.  

People have been coming to this land for thousands of years but it was not developed until Lucky Baldwin (a California businessman, investor, and adventurer) purchased the grounds in 1875.
Now there are over 12,000 different species of plants from all over the world, on 127 acres of prime property open to the public for a small fee.  Much like the Huntington it is a great escape from the city.  

Lucky Baldwin brought the peacocks to his property soon after his purchase.  They are now a thriving, naturalized species and are found wandering the grounds just about everywhere.  

We were there for over three hours but I know there is more to see.  
This is not a place you just visit once.  

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  1. Now that we are in Tahoe and very aware of Lucky Baldwin, I would like to return to the Arboretum. It was amazing without even knowing his history.

    As for the series of photos. The hummingbird is incredible. Wow. I love all the unique flowers and especially the photo of the hibiscus afloat.

    Jackson has those pinchable cheeks I so love in a baby. Does he look so much like Vinny or what?

    Beautiful. Next time you're in Tahoe, we do the Baldwin history lesson more. Very stuff!


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