Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cross Country Ski at Obsidian Dome

Obsidian Dome is one of those many signs off of the 395 that is always on the list to check out with more time permitting.  What better way to see it than on cross country skis.  The entire area is part of the winter recreation trail system in the Inyo National Forest.  Nobody we talked to thought there would be enough snow on the Obsidian Dome trail, which is why it was virtually empty.    

Cross country skiing is new to us.  Some of us got it easier than others.  Some of us were not very happy. 

It could not have been more rewarding.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  

When we first started out we met a nice man, Bruce, and his dog, Bailey.  I explained to him where we were planning on skiing to and since he was alone he told us he would lead.  He has been cross country skiing "since before I was born".  Having him in front of us to check out the steepness of the downhill slopes definitely alleviated some apprehension.  

This was our first cross country ski trek and it will not be our last.  We love to hike so hiking in the snow on skis seems like a natural sport progression.  The Obsidian Dome trail system was the perfect place to start as the slopes are mild and we had the place to ourselves.  

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  1. Okay, my new favorite word...Fredantrum. Hysterical and I can totally see that happening. That said, it looked like all worked out amazingly.

    I read this..."Obsidian Dome is a mile-long 300 foot high lava dome that is part of the Mono–Inyo Craters volcanic chain located in the Inyo National Forest. The Dome is essentially a big pile of shiny black volcanic glass that was formed by an explosion (a Phreatic Blast) when magma reached the water table,turned the water to steam, cooled and then turned to rock . It is located north of Mammoth Lakes, just south of June Lake, along Highway 395 — via a 2.7 mile dirt road to a free parking lot." So where did you snowshoe from? I may throw ours in the trunk the next time we migrate south.

    I have yet to cross country ski. I'm glad you recommend it, having done all the sports. Love the photo of Bruce and Bailey. Sweet.

    Great pics... all.


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