Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tamale dolls

I arrived to Marla and Dan's house only to be greeted by two singing little girls, who had apparently been singing Christmas carols outside (while waiting for me) for an hour.  It paid off because their mailman listened to their singing and tipped them with silver dollar coins.  

Marla wanted tamales for Christmas and since we will not be here I made sure to make it happen before leaving for Mammoth.  Marla made my mom's tamale recipe (cheese, chicken, olives and corn) and I made one chipotle, mushroom, spinach and cheese.  The other was feta, black beans, black eyes peas, and jalapenos.  The chipotle tamale had a kick to it for sure, and was not appreciated by all.  

While Marla and I made tamales the girls made tamale dolls.  They made so many that I told them they should sell them for 5 pesos each.  Later they asked me how much 5 pesos was.  I told them about 40 cents, and came to find out that they thought I had a great idea.  
They actually did pretty well.  One lady traded them a lemon for a tamale doll, but they had several paying customers within the thirty minutes they were outside.  

Everyone was excited about tamales.

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  1. You gals are a bunch of hot tamales. Oh man... I am so hungry now. I do love your Tamales. What fun that they evoke such happy memories AND drool.

    The Tamale Dolls are hysterical. You are making such incredible memories. I'm happy for you all.


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