Friday, December 27, 2013

The dolphin whisperer

Marla was keeping a close eye on the weather.  Since it was supposed to be 76 at the beach we made a quick plan to meet up. 

 Lather on the sunblock girls!

Sandmen are a lot more difficult to make than snowmen.  

The girls make it seem like the water was bearable.  It was 61 but it felt like ice water.  

Marla spotted dolphins!  (She thinks she is the dolphin whisperer.)

Jessica met up with us for a few hours before work.

After Jessica left Kathy and Steve arrived.  
It is difficult to believe that it is December but I am not complaining.  

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  1. What an incredible place for a bunch of reunions. I love the seaweed attached to the rock. I love the SANDMAN but I'm not so sure it's harder than a snowman.

    Our lives are so different. I love the sharing between NorCal and SoCal. Fun stuff Brady.

    Everyone looks so content.

    AND I believe Marla is the 'dolphin whisperer'. Neat.


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