Sunday, December 29, 2013

The clarinet at fancy panties

Kimmie is only here for a few short days, and of course I want to go wine tasting with her again!  
She has good taste.  

We started at Leonesse and ended at Fancy Panties (Frangipani winery), per my suggestions.  I love Leonesse because their vineyard and structures are gorgeous, and of course their wine is tasty.  We ended at Fancy Panties because the wine is great, but it has low crowds and is very homey.  I love that you can sit outside and order at an outside window just a few steps away.  

They even have a cat that you can taunt.  

Kimmie, her dad, and Nuno all liked Fancy Panties better than Leonesse, because of the reasons mentioned.  Kimmie's dad said he will not drink if he is standing up at a bar (and he did not drink at Leonesse at all). Nuno felt like a bottle of wine should not ever be sold for 55$.  
There are no arguments that fancy panties are/is great.  
 The best wine we tasted was the estate claret, which I liked to refer to as clarinet.  (I am fancy.)
You know how drinking makes you funnier... and funnier?  Well, I told the bartender I was going to order a drink via pantomime.  I played the clarinet.  He guessed zinfandel.  How does that make any sense?  After I explained my hilarious joke the bartender would not let us order the estate claret without playing the clarinet.  Nuno really needs to practice the fake clarinet.  Ummm, Nuno, are you playing the kazzoo while tickling a kitten?
Just kidding.
This was a much better way to say farewell until summer.  

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