Friday, August 12, 2016

Eight Glacier

We were waiting patiently for the best day to do Highline Trail (one of the most hiked trails in Glacier National Park), and I think we found it.  Not only did we have gorgeous weather (even though it did end with some rain), it wasn't overly crowded.
We were waiting in line for the first shuttle from Apgar Campground, so we were up there as early as possible without a car.  The free shuttles are nice, not only because parking can be difficult to find, but because we were able to do a one-way hike.  We hiked 12 miles, from Highline to the Granite Park Chalet to the Loop Trail, where we waited (very briefly, in the rain) for the next shuttle to Apgar.

Have I mentioned how amazing Glacier National Park is?

We didn't see any bears but we did eat lots of bear food (huckleberries and wild strawberries), and checked even more flowers off on our flower guidebook.

They look cute but as soon as you turn your back these little rascals are in your backpack searching for food, or worse, your food is gone.  

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  1. OMG that white flower is amazing. Did you get the names of them all, too?

    I love the edge photo, from the back, walking by the waterfall. You guys experienced some amazing.


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