Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Six Glacier

Our plan, like many other people's plans today, was thwarted. 
Josh drove to Apgar Campground to convince a fellow camper to put out a camp chair with a 'reserved' sign, so we had a spot for tomorrow (otherwise we could have had to arrive at Apgar crazy early, which isn't that easy since we would have a trailer.  You can't take the Going to the Sun Highway with a trailer, you have to go all the way around).  
While he was doing that we were going to hike Hidden Lake Trail, from the Logan Pass Visitor Center ('going to' is the key word here).

It did not stop raining all day.  And it was 40°.  It didn't sound fun to hike in the cold, soaked through, and not know when our ride would return.
We just hung out in the visitor center and people watched.  The cold and the rain meant that there were plenty of people to watch.

When the rain let up for a moment I snuck outside to take a short stroll and some pictures.

Headed back to Many Glacier from Logan Pass you could see signs of the weather letting up.  It should have taken Josh thirty minutes each way, but due to the dense clouds it look an hour and twenty minutes each way.  Not to mention it took longer to secure a spot since it was raining, no one was outside at the campground to talk to.  
But, as is the case with most things, it all worked out.

In the evening we found ourselves hanging out at the Interlaken Lounge in the Glacier Park Lounge, drinking a celebratory Going to the Sun IPA.

Josh was looking for bears on the hillside, a common sight at the lounge in the lodge, and one that we just missed.

Today didn't go as planned but the weather in Glacier is not predictable, which I suppose makes it predictably unpredictable. 

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  1. While the weather wasn't as planned you all made 'limoncello from the lemons'. I loved that.

    And that IPA was named perfectly. Cute photo of you two at the end.


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