Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ten Glacier

Today is our last day in Glacier.   The time went by way to quickly.  I have been wanting to go to Glacier National Park for years.  Knowing that this is one of those places you can't just keep saying, 'one day I will go,' because of the continuous decline of the glaciers.  If kept up, in 2030 I would be saying 'I should have gone,' and I don't like that thought at all. 
 So, we went. 

Today was an easy day for hiking.  A 5 miles out-and-back, starting with the Trail of the Cedars and continuing on to Avalanche Lake Trail (the trail isn't as doomsday as it sounds). 

Danger is our middle name.

Avalanche Lake.

Our hike ended at Lake McDonald, watching a storm roll over lake, wondering if it was going to hit us or miss us.  The weather in Montana is far from predictable, but the beauty is not.

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  1. I love the butterfly, the "Danger" sign, the group shot at Avalanche Lake. Amazing stuff.

    Do you feel it was enough time? If you were to do it again, how long would you need.

    So awesome!


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