Friday, August 5, 2016

One Glacier

Having never been to Glacier National Park I didn't know quite what to expect.  I just knew that I had to get there before the name changes to Formally Known as Glacier National Park (or something comparable).
This trip has been on the calendar for a year, and since I have only heard wonderful things about Glacier National Park I have been excited since the trip was just an embryo.   
Okay, so there are whole books written on deaths in Glacier, but dead men tell no tales (thank you, Voice in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride) so I don't have to think about the accidents nor the foolhardiness if I don't want to.
During my El Salvador trip last year, I randomly thought that I just had to visit Glacier National Park.  Come to find out, upon my return, that Raya was there and had said I was the only person she knew that she was confident would come visit before it was too late (before the possible name change).

And so a trip was born.

Josh and Raya picked us up at Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell, which is quite a trek from East Glacier where we are spending our first 6 nights (about a three hour drive each way).  Luckily it is summer time so even though it was late we got to enjoy the Going-to-the-Sun road lit up by the sun, and got a glimpse of what we had in store for us.

Just before the Logan Pass Visitor Center we stopped at a turnout and were surrounded by mountain goats, wildflowers, and gorgeous topography.  

And this is just the beginning... 

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  1. And what a beginning it was. I love the goats. The baby is precious.

    This made me sad...Formally Known as Glacier National Park.

    I'm glad you are there to share it with us. I, too, will try to get there but I'm certain I won't go as extreme hiker as you. Fun stuff.

    Great pics.


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