Thursday, June 29, 2017

A to Z

Well, we found the desert.  
I was pretty certain we could find it if we just kept driving away from the ocean.  

The half way point between Oceanside, CA and Cave Creek, AZ on the 8 is Yuma.  
Traveling with smart phones is just way too easy.  
Yelp suggested that we have dinner and a beer at Prison Hill Brewing Co, Yuma's first craft brewery, located one mile from the hilltop guard tower of Yuma Territorial Prison.  

Allegation Amber was not palatable.  

My favorite was Riker's Red IPA (named after Riker's Island Prison Complex in New York).
Prison Hill has a deal on Thursdays, if you buy a sandwich a pint is just $2.50.
Eric got the sandwich, I got the pint.  
That is the Eric shakedown. 

Wine bottle light fixtures are such a good idea.

Cave Creek or bust!

Just three more hours to go.

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  1. We loved the Yuma Territorial Prison tour. Maybe next time. This brewery looks awesome. Again, missed it even though we were right there. Next time.

    You are the tour guide with the best itinerary. Wow.


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