Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Train to trains

It isn't too often that we take the train down to San Diego, and even less often when we bike while there.  Raya and Josh do this once or twice a year, and they live in Idaho!  
We had a blast cruising around downtown, Hillcrest, and Balboa Park. 
 There isn't a lot of room on the Coaster for bikes, but since we live at the end of the line, or the beginning depending on how you look at it, we are the first to fill up the bike area.  

As we were about to bike past my old place in Banker's Hill I remembered the suspension bridge nearby, and was also able to find it.  
That's a two-fer.  

Fabulous Hillcrest indeed.
The sidewalk messages say it all...

Eric and I saw the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park just days earlier on TV, so we were amped about checking it out.  When I told Raya about it she reminded me that we went when we were little.  That brought back old memories... big sisters are good for something!   Haha.

The museum is less a museum and more a model train club.  The "museum" dates back to 1935.  
It preserves the history of California railroads, and is well worth the $11 admission ($6 for students...).

It didn't take much to get 'backstage.'  I asked some questions over the tall glass to a club member about how fast he could take it, and we were almost immediately asked if we wanted to come inside.  
Yes, please!
The model train fanatics were more than happy to show us around.

He told me that he could go 65mph.  But when I asked him to prove it, he backed down.
Little did I know that he meant 65 scaled mph, which is far less impressive but is a lot more believable.  

This area is for kids, and budding model train fanatics.  
It sounds like 50 circuses in one room.

The day ended with our bikes parked at Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy. 
These are our desserts, but we shared them so it isn't as bad as it looks!  
Four divided by four, times four.  

Next stop, Oceanside!

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